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"I take my hat off to Mr. Steinberg's overwhelming performance. This really could be called pianistic perfection: these avalanches of notes, these cascades of quick octaves, this transparency, even in the most densely written passages, this amazing mastery of the keyboard and all this completely relaxed and without show-gestures, as if there existed no extreme difficulties at all. Quite unique, really!"  (Het Vaderland, Amsterdam).

"[Concert] Pianist Ori Steinberg ... proved that a great performance can make you forget everything else ... [Mr. Steinberg has] absolute command of his piano. He could apparently do whatever he wanted, and what he wanted was always right." (Santa Rosa Democrat)

Dr. Steinberg has attracted considerable attention in the United States and Europe. Critically acclaimed for his brilliant technique and musical eloquence, this Pianist has adopted the Romantic playing style of Liszt, Hoffman, Lhevine, Rachmaninoff, and others of that era. His performance is passionate, yet his goal is to remain as faithful to the composer's intention as he can be.

Mr. Steinberg has appeared with  Symphony Orchestras from Grand Rapids to San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Jerusalem, and in solo performances from Brahmssaal in Vienna to Alice Tully Hall in New York City, as well as numerous recitals in the Bay area (San Francisco, CA).

Capturing first prize in no less than five prestigious international piano competitions, his performance at the Young Artists Association International Competition was so powerful and astonishing that the audience began chanting "First prize!" even before he had finished the final cadenza.

Dr. Steinberg began his piano studies at the age of seven and theory and composition studies at the age of nine in his native Israel, later entering the Juilliard School as a scholarship student. As an undergraduate, he won the Juilliard Piano Concerto Competition, and was one of the first undergraduates teaching assistants to teach graduate courses. Dr. Steinberg completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees at Juilliard and earned a Doctor of Musical Arts with Professor Martin Canin.

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