Online Consulting

The concept of online consulting for Piano playing is a new concept.  Certainly it could not have existed before the Internet, but even now, most teachers would frown on the concept of teaching in any way except the traditional one-on-one, in-person method.

So, how, and why does it work? I call this “consulting” rather than “teaching”. The assumption is that the student can already play the piano, and that he/she is looking for a solution to specific issues. If there is a technical problem in the performance of a composition, or a musical interpretation issue, this is a great way to resolve these issues without the huge time and expense commitments associated with long-time study. The student can be very comfortable in his/her home, while the teacher can listen in his studio and provide educated instruction.

If the student wishes to take lessons for a while, of course, he/she would be very welcomed.

Here are the basic requirements for online consultation:

As a long-time teacher, I know that the best methods for beginners are usually the one-on-one, in-person methods.

A web cam is placed near the piano, so the teacher can see the student play. This is necessary to resolve technical issues, and helps in general communications. A good, FREE option for web cam communication is Skype , which can be found here. The web cam is connected to a computer, which will send the picture and sound over the Internet, and be received at the teacher’s studio.

A broadband connection is recommended, as the connections over phone lines tend to be slow and choppy.

If you wish to hear demonstrations by the teacher, the computer should have speakers, connected directly or indirectly.

Payments will be made through Paypal – the student need not have a Paypal account.

Initial contact is made through the Contact page of this website.

At this time, scheduling is made using email. An online scheduling system is expected soon.


Thank you!