Piano Questions And Answers

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by  Betsy Miller
on  11/22/2019
at  6:32 PM
Question: Do you know of anyone who buys old pianos?

Answer: Try local piano stores. Some piano tuners also restore old pianos.
by  George
on  5/3/2018
at  8:41 PM
Question: When was the piano invented?

Answer: Some documents say 1700. A few pianos made by Bartolomeo Cristofori survived, and are dated from the early 1720s.
by  dua
on  4/16/2012
at  8:05 AM
Question: how does piano work

Answer: Many books and online information available. This is too long and generic a question to answer here.
by  K. Hartley
on  7/22/2011
at  7:30 PM
Question: What is the double 4 on sheet music mean?

Answer: These numbers tell you how much “stuff” goes into each measure. The top number is the number of beats in a measure, the lower number tell you what kind of note is each beat.
on  7/7/2011
at  5:22 AM
Question: What is a curved line that connects one note to the very same note called?

Answer: Tie
by  Karla Hoyos
on  1/4/2011
at  12:00 AM
Question: How much is your hourly/30 min rate,and how many times a week?

Answer: There are several rates depending on lesson length and frequency; there are several discount plans available. Please call me at 610-594-3847 for more detail.