The Music Studio Management System

An easy to use, cost effective, comprehensive music studio management system for the busy music instructor, designed and created by a piano teacher.

The Music Studio Management System

MSMS is an easy to use, comprehensive, online program which allows you to streamline your studio’s back office giving you more time to focus on your existing students as well as free up time to accept new students.

MSMS is easy to use, and for less than $3 a month can start tracking . . .
  • Information about your students' attendance
  • What is covered during lessons
  • The music they learn, when they start, finish, and perform any given piece of music
  • Payments and discounts
  • Student's practice log (optional)

Using the MSMS Calendar and the Customizable Correspondence templates you can…
  • Simplify entering and tracking schedule changes, including cancellations & rescheduling
  • Send reminders to students, parents, and guardians about upcoming lessons, payments, and events
  • Schedule concerts and recitals, and send invitations to students, guardians, and families.

And much, MUCH more . . .


To begin using this system, take these easy steps:
  • Create a User Account.
  • Login to your new account
  • You will be prompted to create a new subscription.
  • After creating a new subscription, login into your account - you will be taken to the Customer Service page where you can see your subscriptions, and the entry to your Studio page.


Thank you!